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Group members in the Nutrition, Biomarkers, & Health lab



We extend a warm welcome to our visiting researchers this summer.

Professor Lorraine Brennan
Professor & Principal Investigator
Professor Brennan investigates metabolism and altered metabolic pathways in health and disease. She previously served as Director of the European Nutrigenomics Organisation (NuGO). She is a recipient of an ERC consolidator grant (2015) and participates in a number of national and European projects.  

Our Group Videos

Dr Aoife O'Gorman
Research Project Manager
Dr Xiaofei Yin
Mass Spectroscopist
Dr. Yin is working on a project to set up reliable and reproducible analytical methods for the measurements of metabolites in biological samples based on a mass spectrometry platform.
Dr. Teresa Grohmann
Dr. Grohmann investigates novel approaches to provide personalised dietary advice in the Pad-Q study in collaboration with Queens University Belfast. Furthermore, she is identifying metabolic differences between patients diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment and healthy individuals.
Dr. Janine Wirth
Dr. Wirth's current project examines the impact of different types and times of protein intake on muscle functional parameters, biomarkers of metabolic health, sleep quality and quality of life.
Elaine H..jpg
Elaine Hillesheim
PhD student
Elaine Hillesheim's PhD research is aiming to explore the use of metabotypes to deliver personalised nutrition.
Geetha Sundaramoorthy
Research Coordinator
Geetha Priya's research involves conducting metabolomic analysis (NMR, GC-MS, LC-MS) for a number of research projects.
Claire Connolly
PhD student
Claire Connolly's PhD investigates metabolic signatures of Irish grass-fed dairy products, including milk, cheese and butter with Food for Health Ireland. 
Becca photo.jpg
Rebecca Finlay
PhD student
Rebecca's PhD is on the US-Ireland project that aims to use metabolomics techniques to identify biomarkers of commonly consumed foods. This study involves collaboration between UCD, Queens University Belfast and Harvard School of Public Health.
Ya Gao
PhD student

Ya Gao is a visiting PhD student who is aiming to use metabolomics techniques to identify biomarkers of commonly consumed foods.
Shubbham Gupta
PhD student

Shubbham Gupta's PhD research is aiming to explore the individual variation in metabolite levels using repeated measurements.
Recent Team Members
Dr. Roberta Hack Mendes (Optiage)
Dr. Silva D'Angelo (A-DIET)
Dr. Aoife McNamara (A-DIET)
Ms. Orla Prendiville completed her Masters in 2020
Ms. Maria Heffernan completed her Masters in 2020
Dr Roshaida Abdul Wahab completed her PhD in 2019
Dr S.C. Sri Harsha Pedapati (FOODBALL)
Dr Diana Gonzalez-Pena (A-DIET)
Dr Cassandra Collins (A-DIET)
Dr. Celia Rodriguez Perez (bio4Health)
Dr. Francisco Madrid-Gambin (ALSPAC)
Dr Olga Grant (A-DIET)
Dr Katy Horner (Food for Health Ireland)
Dr Laura Kirwan (Food4Me)
Dr Miriam Ryan (ENPADASI)
Dr. Taciane Alegra (A-DIET & Foodball)
Dr Kaifeng Li completed his PhD in 2016 
Dr. Helena Gibbons completed her PhD in 2016
Dr. Aoife Curran completed her PhD in 2017
Dr. Claire Erraught completed her PhD in 2019
Jenny Davison contributed to updating the HMDB schizophrenia metabocard.
Victoria O'Sullivan (FHI & A-DIET)
Ilona Csizmadia (A-DIET)
All are using their skills elsewhere now - we wish them well! 
Visiting Researchers
The group often hosts visiting scientists and students undertaking part of their research or training in UCD.
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