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Fun Direction aims to give girls aged 5-8 from disadvantaged areas an opportunity to experience and participate in sport in their own community. We work closely with this project, with Professor Brennan overseeing the delivery of nutrition sessions for girls and their parents, with the aim to improve dietary habits.

Fun Direction

Mini Rio Camps 2016

'Try different foods' 



Congratulations to Prof Lorraine on her award for Services to Science and Technology at the recent Irish Women's Awards. This is a fantastic and well-deserved recognition of Lorraine's expertise in and dedication to nutrition and health research. The full press release can be downloaded 

Prof Lorraine Brennan teachs and co-ordinates a range of modules relating to Food Science and Human Nutrition within the School of Agriculture & Food Science in UCD.

Prof Brennan obtained a UCD Teaching Fellowship, which she has been using to explore and develop research-led teaching.

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