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We are a research group in the School of Agriculture & Food Science in University College Dublin, with links to both the Institute of Food and Health and the Conway Institute of Biomedical & Biomolecular Research.

Our research is focused on biomarkers of dietary intake, disease biomarkers, metabolic health and personalised nutrition.

Biomarkers of dietary intake

One of the main challenges in nutrition research is how to measure dietary intake. Our research programme aims to identify new biomarkers of dietary intake. This is expected to significantly impact on the nutrition field. We are also working on establishing new biomarkers of long-term dietary exposure.

Personalised Nutrition

Our work in the field of Personalised Nutrition or Precision Nutrition revolves around developing strategies for delivery of dietary advice at a personal level.

We are also leaders in the field of metabotypes in Nutrition research. Developing this approach further, we have recently demonstrated the delivery of personalised advice at a group level

Other aspects under investigation in this field include the development of new food bioactives for improvement of glycaemic management.

Disease Biomarkers

We aim to identify new biomarkers of disease. Examples of projects include the identification of biomarkers for the at risk mental state – in collaboration with Professor David Cotter, RCSI – and identification of biomarkers indicative of pancreatic beta cell function.

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