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Protein and Health



Resistance exercise training, in combination with dietary protein supplementation, has been promoted as an effective approach to attenuate the loss in muscle mass with age. 

This project aims to examine the impact of protein ingestion on muscle function,  metabolic health, sleep quality and quality of life in the elderly.
Within three years of research, this project will be conducted in three stages:

1) systematic literature searches 

2) investigation of associations between protein intake and metabolic health parameters in large study cohorts, and

3) a randomised controlled trial.

Therefore, we will need to recruit about 150 volunteers over 50 years of age to assess muscle function, metabolic health, sleep quality and quality of life before and after a 12-week daily protein application.

This project is a collaboration between University College Dublin and Kerry Group


If you are interested in this study please contact Janine ( ).


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